M – 1931

The hunt is on. A child murderer is on the loose and it falls to the criminals of the city to trap the killer. This film starts like a public service announcement, but it slowly builds until it is a thriller about a killer trying to avoid capture. Peter Lorre plays the killer whose attempted escape is at the heart of this film. He isn’t the hero and there is no reason to root for him, but Lorre is a gifted actor and he really proves it here in his pleas to live, in spite of his crimes. This was one of the last films Fritz Lang made before he fled from he Nazis to America and it has a lot of interesting undertones that could be connected to the propaganda of a party that Lang openly disliked.

One of the earliest thrillers and still relevant today.

This one has survived for almost a century and deserves…

4 out of 5



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