The Illusionist – 2010

Jacques Tati was a revolutionary in the world of comedy and there are numerous tributes to him in films and television. None is more significant than The Illusionist, a film written by Tati towards the end of his career. This film pays tribute to Tati in a number of ways, chiefly the relationship the title illusionist shares with a young girl who represents his estranged daughter. The film also makes use of a clip from Tati’s own film “Mon Uncle” which the illusionist stares at confusedly, as if reflecting on the similarities between himself and, well, himself. The film is a fantastic take on Tati’s style, even if it is lacking his trademark slapstick humor, which just shows exactly how sad he may have been off the screen.

A sad reminder of a time since passed, this film offers a great tribute to a great man.

I’m uncertain of how best to rank this one, as a Tati tribute or as a resurrection of the man himself, but I think…

3.5 out of 5


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