The Big Sick – 2017

True stories are always better in the movies. The real story is never quite as interesting or as succinct. There has never been an occasion where the real story had to be toned down so the film wouldn’t be too interesting. Kumail Nanjiani is both one of the writers and the star of this film, which is based on the real-life courtship of his wife, Emily. While the film may seem like a standard romance in the first twenty minutes, it quickly turns into a study, not only of familial relationships, but also of social expectations. Kumail’s tumultuous relationship with his family casts a shadow over his future with Emily, while an unforeseen illness looms over her and brings panic and fear to Kumail and her parents. Kumail’s experiences dealing with his own heritage and his love of a woman who defies them are exponentially expounded by the stress of this situation and it works perfectly.

This film never fails to deliver the comedy or the drama and it mixes both perfectly.

Awkward for a good bit of it, but still quite deserving…

4 out of 5


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