Fantastic Mr. Fox – 2009

Wes Anderson is a master of human nature, he utilizes quirks and eccentricities in every film he makes. This one is no exception. The idea of a stop-motion film from Anderson might have seemed far-fetched, but it is assuredly not. This film takes all of the fantastical elements from his films and puts them into a much more playful format where his imagination isn’t limited. Stop-motion is a unique form of animation and Wes Anderson uses it perfectly to create a film that is both fun and fresh. Roald Dahl was a master of the ludicrous and it took Wes Anderson to bring his bizarre world to life on film. He did it with the same ferocity of every other project while perfectly honoring the source material.

Wes Anderson at his finest and a well-made animated feature.

This one is great for the animation, but not Wes Anderson’s masterpiece…

4 out of 5


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