Good Will Hunting – 1997

There are some films that define generations of fans, there are some that define the careers of the cast or crew, and there are some that aim to accomplish nothing, but still do all the same. Good Will Hunting disguises the inner turmoil of a twenty-year-old as a mathematically gifted janitor with abandonment issues. The grief that Will Hunting, played by Matt Damon, feels is not uncommon in the world and it is perfectly relatable, but it is his gift for math, which offers him an escape, that removes him from the real world and places him into a fantasy to which all of us would love to cling. But he is so broken that he can’t even see how great his life is without the help of his immutable therapist, Robin Williams, who simply wants him to find a way to be happy, math or no math.

This is a phenomenal film which gives both Damon and Williams the chance to act with purpose and they go well beyond talented.

To this film I award a rare, but well deserved…

5 out of 5


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