Cinderella – 1950

Animation month continues with a true classic. Walt Disney was a pioneer of animation and his development of the fairytale Cinderella proved exactly how far animation had come. There is an old story about Disney’s love of Cinderella and of his favorite piece of animation (when the fairy godmother creates her dress), but it is in every aspect of this film that his passion shows. The modern princess film turns many of the tropes in this film upside down, but no matter how outdated this film may seem, there is something truly spectacular about the art of this film. But the animation would be nothing without the score, which complements the beauty and adds another element with great original songs and music that inspired generations.

Not my favorite princess, but the effort that went into this film makes it worth seeing.

Dated and less impressive as time passes, but still worthy of…

3 out of 5


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