Cameraperson – 2016

Kirsten Johnson’s Cameraperson may play like a patchwork quilt of segments, but upon viewing it, I can say it feels more like a tapestry of life. Her life, to be specific. Johnson is a cinematographer who has helped craft some of the most significant documentaries of the past twenty years, including Fahrenheit 9/11 and Citizenfour. But her crowning achievement is this retrospective of her own life. The film uses a quick succession of clips to tell the story of Johnson’s life through her work in film. Spread throughout are moments from her own life and the moments that have most affected her. Johnson uses these moments to show how every person is connected by the actions of another and how heartbreaking or rewarding life can be.

Though choppy at times, this film is a collage of symbolic moments and it rewarded my patience in the end.

Documentaries aren’t usually this personal, but it doesn’t hurt…

3 out of 5


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