Dolemite is My Name – 2019

  • Originality: Dolemite is one of the great characters of the blaxploitation era and his story has been begging to appear on the big screen for many years. This story focuses on the origins of the character as the brainchild of Rudy Ray Moore who recovered from obscurity by using some old rhymes to create an iconic character. This film is well-written and doesn’t shy away from Dolemite’s short-comings or well-roundedness. [4.0]
  • Performances: Eddie Murphy is one of the funniest comedians of all-time, but his last few years have been ripe with some less that funny films that have called his hilarity into doubt. Fortunately, he returns to form in this film and he is not only back to being hilarious, but he also plays the sympathetic hero very well with a taste for the emotion needed to be more than just a comedian. [4.0]
  • Technicality: There isn’t anything that stands out particularly in the direction of this film, but it is at the very least consistent and deserves praise for never straying too far from the mark. This film works very hard to recreate the scenes and circumstances exactly as they happened in the seventies. Craig Brewer has a lot of fun in making this film and that counts for something. [3.5]
  • Rewatchability: This film feels like one that could be put on at any point and appreciated for exactly how vulgar and hilarious this film is and would result in a fun rewatch every now and again. Eddie Murphy is particularly deserving of the appreciation of the audience and it’s enough just to watch him get into character and remind the world how funny he is. [4.5]

Total – [16.0/20.0]


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