A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – 2019

  • Originality: Mr. Rogers is one of the most iconic Americans of the last 50 years and a story about his life was going to be told sooner or later. Following the success of last year’s documentary, it only made sense that this film got pushed out. The authenticity of the story almost doesn’t matter because for those who remember Mr. Rogers it was just great to see him done justice. [4.5]
  • Performances: Tom Hanks playing Fred Rogers was one of the best casting choices of the year and while much of him is just Hanks being Hanks, this fits surprisingly well with the personality of Rogers himself. But Hanks is not really the star of this film and Matthew Rhys leads this film with the same charisma that could be expected from a leading man, even if he isn’t quite there yet. [4.5]
  • Technicality: Marielle Heller is a truly great director, her technique relies on framing the actors to allow for maximum potential, with minimal camera movement, instead letting the frame find its purpose. Calling this one her best directed film would be inaccurate though, her previous work might be slightly better in this respect, even if this one has a little more heart underneath it all. [4.0]
  • Rewatchability: Any taste of Mr. Rogers is worth seeing again, but this film bordered a little on the emotional terrorism side of cinema and make me a little hesitant to rewatch it again immediately. At the end of the day, though, this film features an icon playing an icon and a lot of great performances that will be worth revisiting down the road. [4.0]

Total – [17.0/20.0]


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