Una Mujer Fantástica – 2017

This movie cut into me pretty deep. The struggle experienced by the film’s lead character was truly devastating and a sad commentary on the state of the world. Marina Vidal (Daniela Vega) is a transgender woman living with her older boyfriend, but when her boyfriend suddenly dies, she finds herself at odds with his family and the police over the circumstances surrounding his death. The film follows her as she copes with the loss while suffering through the changes forced upon her by the unaccepting world around her. Vega shines in this role and her ability to convey pain and adversity comes from her own life and she achieves something magnificent in the translation. No one can walk out of this movie without applauding its message or the performance of its lead.

Timely and beautiful, but not one that needs to be watched repeatedly.

Thanks to great performances and a strong anchor into reality, this film will have a lasting impression and deserves…

5 out of 5



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