Strong Island – 2017

True crime is all the rage right now and no one seems to do it better than Netflix. Yance Ford asks a very simple question and executes it gracefully: what happened to my brother? For over twenty years she has lived with the fact that her brother was murdered and the man responsible never went to trial. So now, Yance is finally trying to get to the bottom of the case and find out exactly why the man who killed her brother walked away scot-free. The film focuses on interviews with family and friends more than on the legalese of the case, with each person trying to paint a picture of William Ford as the kind and well-meaning man that he was. The emotion that every interviewee has toward him makes this feel extremely personal, which it’s supposed to be and it projects the empathy right through the screen and into its audience.

Beautifully tragic and full of unanswered questions, this one is good watch.

Not one that needs multiple viewings, but it definitely earns…

4 out of 5


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