Gook – 2017

It feels weird to type an offensive word in a review, but fortunately for me, it is the title of the movie so I’m going to push ahead. The title of this film has a particular meaning, revolving around a pair of Korean-American brothers whose friendship with a young black girl comes under fire during the L.A. riots of 1992. The film shows the darker side of the American dream as these brothers do anything and everything to protect their father’s shoe store from ruination, even as the city falls into chaos. Written, directed, and starring Justin Chon, this film puts him on the watch list for the future and showed his talent in all areas. Bringing a lot of racial tension to the surface, this film handles a delicate subject beautifully and proves how poisonous the hatred between minorities can be.

Worth watching despite it’s painful subject matter and quite good because of it.

This film is rich in culture and gets a well-earned…

4 out of 5


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