I Married a Witch – 1942

Veronica Lake is an iconic actress who peaked pretty early and never quite lived up to her own legend. Her most well-known role may have been Sullivan’s Travels, but here in I Married a Witch she shines as Jennifer, a witch returned from the grave intent on ruining the life of her accuser’s descendant. The humor of this film comes from her attempts to seduce the Wallace Wooley (Fredic March) who attempts to resist her advances. The twist comes as she finds herself falling in love with him, despite her intent to ruin his life. The film is fun and funny and the charisma of Lake helps to make the film entertaining.

Charming and romantic, this film is enjoyable and is a good romp for a rainy day.

Made better by the charm of the two leads, this one earns a respectable…

3.5 out of 5



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