Halloween – 1978

There are iconic films and sometimes they come with an iconic score. That’s the case with Halloween. Michael Myers is an iconic character, but it is the music of Halloween that plays as a constant reminder of his presence throughout the film. There are a lot of moments in Halloween that frighten and shock, but it isn’t until the iconic music of this John Carpenter film plays that it all becomes too real. This film marked the rebirth of the slasher genre and it has inspired dozens of films in the forty years since it premiered. There are a lot of frightening characters in horror cinema, but none as resilient or committed to his goal as the mute, murderous Michael Myers, whose motivations are ever elusive and who immortality is borderline supernatural.

Heart-pounding and suitably tamer than the horror films of this century.

Frightening, though its purpose is a little murky, thus I give it…

4 out of 5



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