The Wicker Man – 1973

Thrillers have a lot of common elements, they all build in intensity and eventually reach a critical moment from which tghere is no coming back. In the Wicker Man a policeman is called to a small island community to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, but what he discovers is a broader conspiracy. The film has a central theme of religion and the religious views of Sergeant Howie come into conflict with the Pagan views of the islanders. The result of this conflict is played out slowly over the course of the film, with the actions of the islanders becoming stranger and stranger until Howie can no longer contain his disapproval. One of the standouts of the film is the always great Christopher Lee who lords over the island and controls their actions and, unknowingly, Sergeant Howie.

Terrifying ideas are presented here, but they are compelling all the same.

Not as good as the Nick Cage version, kidding, and deserving of…

4 out of 5


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