Spirited Away – 2001

No list of great animated films is complete without Hayao Miyazaki. A master of creating fantastical world and amazing creatures, the imagination of Miyazaki is perfectly illustrated by animation. And while any number of his films could make a list of greats, there is one stand out in his repertoire and that film is Spirited Away. A perfectly designed fantasy that casts an unsuspecting young girl into an adventure to save her parents from a dangerous witch. This film does everything that a great Miyazaki film is supposed to, it garners sympathy for the innocent protagonist, it allies the protagonist with bizarre sidekicks who are usually outside of the social norm, and it turns the tables on the antagonist simply by countering her nature with a display of the protagonists true spirit.

Miyazaki is a master of the human condition, which is ironic considering that there are hardly any humans here.

Definitely deserving of high praise and at least…

4.5 out of 5



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