Toy Story – 1995

As I continue with animation month, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the contributions of Pixar. Their first attempt at animation was a resounding success and Toy Story has spawned a massage franchise. There a number of unanswered questions presented by this film, but none of them take anything away from the quality of the film. Digital animation was a new concept and Pixar took the concept and turned it into a revolution. The quality is superior to traditional animation and it’s realism is the pinnacle of modern animation. But it isn’t just the animation that impresses, the voice cast is well chosen and Tom Hanks and Tim Allen play a great pair of rivals hellbent on each other’s destruction. Toy Story has everything going for it and it is well worth a watch.

It is not my favorite Pixar, but it set the stage and for that it gets my full respect.

“To infinity and beyond” seems like reaching, but close enough…

4.5 out of 5


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