Superhero Bracket

This month marks one of the biggest events in film history. Avengers: Infinity War is the most anticipated film of the year, and in honor of that anticipation, I want to discuss the superhero genre. I have created a bracket of 32 of the best superhero movies. bracket-print-32.php.html

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Subgenre: Christmas Films

Christmas ‘Tis the season to enjoy the cinematic journey into a world painted in white snow and evergreen trees. I have never been a particular fan of Christmas, but overall the films that go along with it have a great amount of potential, assuming that they aren’t produced simply to have romance take place during […]

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Genre: Thriller Films

Thrilling My month of thrillers has come to an end and I have gained a lot of perspective about the different types of thrillers and how different the perception of what is thrilling can be. The films I watched had build and each one built at a different speed and reached a peak that came […]

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Genre: Horror Films

Horror In a few days, Halloween will be here and to celebrate the coming of All Hallow’s Eve I thought I would look at the impressive collection of horror films that have come out of cinema in the past hundred years. The horror genre is built on a single premise: supernatural fear. The horror genre […]

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Subgenre: Wuxia Film

Wuxia As I explore San Francisco, home of the illustrious Chinatown, I consider the contributions of Hong Kong and Taiwan to world cinema. One of the most prominent film styles used by Chinese filmmakers is the Wuxia film. There is a lot to love and appreciate about these films and their place in cinema in […]

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Genre: Animated Films

Animated My month long study of the animated genre has come to an end. There are a lot of different types of animation in film and each offers its own unique slice. The world of animation offers a lot of opportunities that the live-action medium can’t. One of the ways that animation differs from live-action […]

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